Work From Home Tips

Hi There – Since this Pandemic, a lot of us are working from home, here are tips to help you to stay motivated and thrive during this time:

1. Dress as if you were going into the office, put some cute clothes on. This helps with motivation and productivity.

2. Try not to watch news all day, it’s good to watch a little to stay in touch with reality.

3. Take 5 -10 minutes small breaks throughout the work day to move around.

4. Take a regular lunch Break and if you can squeeze in a 15-20 minute walk that would be great.

5. Try to keep a work schedule.

6. Be active and exercise.

7. A cough or sniffle doesn’t mean you have COVID19, it is allergy season. Continue to follow your state’s orders and wear a face mask!

8. Continue to be awesome and take care of yourself!

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